Month: July 2017

How Dreams Become Reality…

Note: There’s a pretty cool motivational video that complements this post – so you may want to watch the video first. (But you certainly don’t have to.)So, how dreams become reality…Talent is great. If you have some athletic ability, or you’re really intelligent, or you’re gifted with amazing instincts for negotiation, more power to you…But the truth is, talented people are a dime a dozen. Even super-talented people are pretty much everywhere.And… less talented folks routinely leave the “gifted

Real Estate Investing vs. Playing the Stock Market

People often want to know how to compare investing in real estate with playing the stock market. Which is a better investment approach?It’s a good question, and I’m happy to give my take on it.We’ll begin by laying out what I’d like to be able to do in order to invest in stocks safely and profitably… and then see how that compares with my real estate options. Nothing real complicated.So, if I were going to invest a significant amount of money in a company’s stock – and I wanted to go in with