Month: November 2017

Should You Become an Accredited Investor?

So, you’re ready to scale up your investment activities…And you wonder: Is there some way to get “insider” access to bigger and better deals? A way into the back room where the real action is?Yes, Fine Restaurants Are Nice…When you’re starting out and your net worth is lower (and your cash flow, too), it’s like you’ve acquired a taste for dining out in some pretty upscale restaurants…You’ve got a couple of favorites. They know your name, maybe give you some discounts because you drop a lot

Are You the Servant… Or the Master?

Since you’re reading my blog, you probably already know that you can’t gain financial freedom only by having income from a paycheck.There are a few reasons for this ‒ but today we’ll focus on just one. And that’s where the question comes in: “When it comes to how you spend your time, are you the master… or the servant?” Here’s what I mean…Are You a Servant?Do you have a clear idea of where you want to live (assuming it’s not where you are now), but can’t pull it off because you just can’t afford

Can I Invest in Real Estate with No Money of My Own?

Here’s a question I get a lot: “Can I invest in real estate with no money of my own?” There are some variations, like “Can I invest when I have very little capital?” or “Is it really necessary to risk my own capital when I could use other people’s money instead?” But it’s pretty much the same question being asked.My answer?Well, in theory there are ways you can get started as a real estate investor with little or no capital of your own… but why in the world would you want to do that?We’ll take

Why Being Afraid of Stuff Will Make You a Crappy Investor

You’ve probably heard of the “fight-or-flight” response, right?It’s when something threatens us, and our body switches to fight-or-flight mode: adrenaline kicks in, our attention focuses 100 percent on the threat at hand, everything in our body and mind prepares for action. We’re either going to run from the threat ‒ or fight and kill it.It’s a useful biological system to have, especially when it comes to physical danger. If you’re taking a walk through the neighborhood… and a massive,