Month: December 2017

Property Management Companies: An Ideal Way to Leverage Your Time and Money

Two quick questions…Here’s the first: When you wake up and then go about your day… are you filled with joy as your mind runs through all the exciting possibilities concerning things like property maintenance (including cleaning gutters and clogged toilets), filling tenant vacancies, and checking up on how to comply with the latest state and federal laws concerning taxes and fair housing?If so, stop reading this article. You shouldn’t be thinking about real estate investment ‒ you should probably

Success Is… Working Smarter

I’ve said it before — success isn’t just one thing. It’s more than a single attribute or skill, more than making money or being content with where you’re at in life.So what can we say about success without writing a whole book?Well, success is basically all about working smarter. And there are a few primary ways to do this…The Abundance MentalityA fundamental trait for achieving success is developing an attitude of abundance. So, if that proverbial glass really is half-empty… because

Yes ‒ You CAN Change Yourself in Fundamental Ways

There’s a saying: “Be an active participant in your own rescue.” Let’s look at what that means when it comes to developing a mindset for success.There are many ingredients that go into building a successful mental framework for lasting success, such as developing smart habits in general, viewing failure as an important part of your forward progress, accepting your personality and inherent strengths, and more. But one of the most important is this:You must believe that it’s possible to change

What Leveraging OPM Really Means

We talk a lot about using OPM ‒ “other people’s money” ‒ in the real estate investment world. So it’s worth taking a few minutes to talk about how that’s actually supposed to work…How Not to Do ThisFor example, here’s what it doesn’t mean: using a credit card to purchase some consumer item, like a new stereo system or whatever. Sure, you’re using OPM (the credit card’s bank in this case), but…You’re merely borrowing money you don’t have… which you’ll have to pay back with a very high interest