Month: April 2018

I’ve Arrived at My Destination… Now What?

As I’ve written before, in many ways retirement is about thinking backwards…Or, as Stephen R. Covey put it, “Begin with the end in mind.” So let’s build on that today.Here are three issues to ponder as you look forward to the day when your real estate investments bring you to the place where you are free to retire.You’ve escaped the rat race ‒ you’ve “arrived”. Now what?When you’re “retired”…You Have OptionsThis is big. And it can actually be a little unsettling, believe it or not. The choices

How To Minimize Vacancy in Your Rental Properties

Vacancy ‒ it can be a powerful friend in your real estate income portfolio… or it can be profit-sucking enemy to your success and well-being.Calculate a realistic vacancy rate into your property’s assessment from the beginning (after all, you can’t guarantee you’ll always have tenants in place…), and approach tenant retention the right way ‒ and vacancy will not be a problem for you.On the other hand, if your cash flow calculations aren’t reality-based to begin with, and if you don’t follow best

Should You “Follow Your Passion” To Be Successful in Business?

These days, the question about whether following your passion leads to business success is a pretty hot topic…I get it. You look at professional athletes, for example, and think, “Well, they look pretty successful, and they’re obviously following their passion.”Or entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs ‒ people like that are very passionate about what they do. So isn’t it pretty obvious? Isn’t the path to success to just discover your passion and then find a way to monetize it?Well, it’s just not that