Month: June 2018

Why Investing Out of State Isn’t a Big Deal

There’s a lot of information (and mis-information) out there about whether you should invest in-state or out-of-state with real estate. The fact is, it depends…It depends on the kind of investment properties you’re looking for. It depends on the model you’re following (are you buying and holding, or fixing and flipping?). For our purposes here, we’ll focus on the core of the RP Capital way ‒ buying and holding single family residences (and maybe duplexes or fourplexes) to rent out. However, what

Not Your Typical Advice: 3 Contrarian Success Strategies for Real Estate

There’s a TON of information out there about how to make yourself more successful in real estate. I’m a real estate guy… and even I can’t follow it all. But the stuff I do see?Well, it’s a mix. Some of it’s really good. There’s a lot of “OK, I guess” in there. And way too much “just plain wrong”. And the advice is all over the place: You should absolutely handle property management yourself… except for everyone who says you shouldn’t… You should avoid flipping at all costs… except for all the

7 Strategies for Achieving Work-Life Balance

You hear a lot these days about how important it is to achieve a “work-life balance.” And it is important.We’ve all heard stories about (or witnessed first-hand) what happens when high achievers lose site of it. Broken marriages… missing the kids grow up and realizing too late that it’s already happened… completely avoidable heart attacks… it’s not pretty.So how do you do it? How do you achieve and maintain this oh-so-important balance between “work-life” and “life-life”?Well, everyone’s unique,