Month: May 2019

Problem – Or Opportunity?

How can you tell a full-blown problem… from a sweet opportunity? When some competitor disrupts your industry, should you freak out, or see it as a blessing in disguise?Well, part of the answer depends on the actual situation, and using your brain and knowledge to know whether or not the writing is on the wall.For example, when high-end digital cameras started to go mainstream, you would have done well as a manufacturer in that space to see it as a real wake-up call. If you were going to thrive

The Secrets of Money and Wealth – Revealed

What is money, really? How does it work? What do the super-rich and mega-successful know about money that most folks don’t?These are great questions. That’s why I’ve spent a lot of time on them here at my blog – and now on my “Get Real Podcast.”And it’s also why I’m super-excited about this new online documentary called “Money Revealed.” It features interviews and tips and strategies from top-level industry leaders like Robert Kiyosaki, David Gardner, Andy Tanner, Mike Dillard, G. Edward