Zig Ziglar said it so well: "I believe that you can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
Business is all about relationships. And relationships are all about helping others. That’s the simple part, and it’s why Ziglar’s quote is so good. On the other hand…
Relationships involve these strange and not-so-simple creatures we call “humans.” And that’s where things get interesting. Because almost nothing involving people is straightforward and simple. We are subject to moods, stress, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, conflicting emotions, and more.
So how do we keep our relationships with our professional peers healthy? And how do we find the simplicity within all the complexity?
Here we go…

Cultivate the Personal Touch
Like I said, relationships are all about people. So keep it personal. Which is easy to neglect in today’s digital, “virtual” world…
Don’t get me wrong – I love the flexibility the digital world offers. It’s great to build a team where folks live and work in different regions, or even continents. It really opens the doors to an amazing work-life balance. But it does take care and effort to make sure that everyone stays truly connected, on a personal level.
So remember that email is a very personal way to communicate with others. There’s a reason we call it e-mail. No one wants to be publicly shamed in an email thread. No one wants to open their email and have their time wasted.
But just like with regular mail, everyone likes a surprise every now and then. Everyone has a certain person that when they see their name on the envelope, they immediately want to tear it open and see what’s inside. Try to be that person when it comes to the emails you send…
Also, remember that there’s this thing called… a phone. Often, it’s a better way to reach out than email. Maybe you’ve got bad news to deliver – or maybe really good news! Maybe it’s a complicated issue you need to discuss. Or maybe you just haven’t heard the other person’s voice in a while. Bottom line: there are times when the phone just flat-out trumps email. Know when those times are.
And before we move on…
Learn how to use what may be the most effective “old school” piece of communication technology in the world: the hand-written note. Whether it’s a Thank You, a Congratulations, or an encouraging word… there’s nothing more personal. It’s a relationship-building power tool.
Think Vertically, Not Just Horizontally
The “chain of command” matters. A lot. A boss communicates with an employee differently than with their business partner. You reach out differently to a trusted vendor than to your executive assistant of 20 years.
Trust is always trust, and respect is always respect. Sympathy is always sympathy. And awkward but legitimate frustration is always… well, awkward but legitimate! But you do handle them differently depending on who you’re talking (or writing) to.
It doesn’t matter what the titles are, or how “open” or “old fashioned” the business culture is. There are times when you need to keep in mind whether you’re dealing with the owner/CEO, a peer, or someone you are responsible to train and manage.
These dynamics are just part of what makes the world go round – whether you live in an open and democratic society or a more top-down, old-world one. Acknowledging that someone is “above” or “below” you in terms of responsibility and official designation isn’t a bad thing, a sign of oppression and inequality. It’s simply a way to acknowledge the most basic building blocks of business and personal society. And by remembering these building blocks and adjusting your message accordingly, you actually make it possible to relate to others in a personal way while also being true to your business’s needs and realities.

It’s All about Synergy
The sixth of Stephen R. Covey’s famous 7 Habits is… “synergize.” By which, he meant that when a group of folks work together in a healthy and truly supportive way, you get something far greater than the sum of the parts.
As he explained it, when people work together with synergy, it’s not the case that 1+1+1 = 3. It’s more like 1+1+1 = 7… or 15, or 50! There’s a special chemistry that happens.
The point is to not take your team… your network… your friends… your “vendors”… for granted. They are critical parts of your life and business – and you know from experience that even the seemingly smallest link in that chain of relationships plays a vital role. (It might be easy for you to forget about your “tech team” for months at a time – until your servers crash and your whole business grinds to a halt in nanoseconds. Suddenly, you remember vividly just why it is that you appreciate them so much!)
So when you invest in others – by treating them with respect and courtesy, by valuing their time and adding value for them – you’re not just “being a good person” or “a smart business owner.”
You’re laying the foundation for levels of support, cooperation, success, and profitability that you simply can’t get any other way.
Wrap Up
Again, business gets real complicated all the time, and a lot of that is simply because people are involved. There’s no way to avoid that complexity. But using these principles will help you discover and maintain the simplicity that’s there, right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. That’s how you keep your professional relationships simple… and healthy.
When you’re ready to put these principles to work in your own real estate investment business… give us a call at (801) 990-5109 orschedule your free appointment hereto build a personalized Wealth Plan. We’ll help you build wealth and experience genuine synergy in your professional and personal life…

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Population change since 2010: Up 38%

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Average Commute: 25 min
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Ocala, a small agricultural and manufacturing center, is about halfway between Gainesville to the north and Orlando to the southeast. With its attractive tree-lined streets and Old South–style homes, it more resembles a typical Southern city than a Florida city or beach town. Ocala is the capital of Florida’s thoroughbred industry, and ranching and horse-breeding are popular


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