Partner with the team that has sold over 6500 properties.

Is your time being spent dealing with tasks that don’t make you money or you don’t enjoy?

Is your money tied up waiting for lengthy closings? Are you exhausted working with retail buyers and fulfilling all of their detailed requests? Are you spending time fielding questions from multiple parties for every transaction?

Our system and software are proven to:

  • Streamline + speed up closings
  • Bridge the gap of communication between buyer + seller
  • Help you move more property with less stress
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Are you a builder/developer who wants to grow and develop more builds, but can’t get the financing needed?

Are you a rehabber who is tired of waiting on closings for a long time?

Do you have inventory that sits, unsold, tying up your funds?

Do you want to grow your business but you don’t know how?

Is your time spent in your business with the things that don’t make you money or you don’t enjoy?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, keep reading on or sign up for a call with us.

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A little about us:

At RP Capital, we assist sellers in creating a system for building/rehabbing properties that appeal to our thousands of educated buyers. Without any available software on the market to help us streamline our process, we created our own! Our software makes it easy for buyers and sellers to receive updates and track the sale all the way through escrow.

Our list of qualified investors buys property as quickly as it hits our site:

  • Most rehabbed properties go under contract in 48-72 hours of being released to our buyers
  • New construction projects are sold out months before breaking ground

Our Numbers

RPCapital By The Numbers



Doors closed - sold to thousands of qualified investors

People on our list are prepped and ready to buy


Investment property sales since 2005

1 Billion

Closing Rate


No more:

  • Stagnation in your business
  • Sitting inventory
  • Being on the wrong side when the market turns
  • Difficulty securing financing

A few sentences about your products. How it help to solve clients' problems. It should convince the unconvinced. No fake quotes or photos!

  • Taking contracts to the bank before construction begins
  • Properties going under contract right after you close on them
  • Developments selling within days or even minutes
  • Building or rehabbing more properties faster

Say yes to:


Need more reasons why sellers love working with us?

Our team (including an in-house lender & escrow coordinator) ensures the file moves through the process efficiently. We aim to close new builds two to three weeks post-completion.


Spend your time doing what you do best - planning and building. We’ll bring ready buyers to you, easily adding to the business you already have.


Our investors are hungry for a variety of properties - allowing you to expand your business in a way that aligns best with your goals.

Streamline your process, purchase/warehouse bulk materials, and repeat. Save on marketing expenses and you won’t need to hire a listing agent.


Text alerts go out to our investors when properties hit our site. Many sell within minutes. Buyers and sellers can track their files using our web-based software that truly simplifies the process.


70% of our clients are repeat buyers. The 48,000+ people on our list are looking for trusted sellers. If they love their experience, they’ll send referrals and buy from you again and again (and again!).


As a builder, working with Ron and his team is a big key to my success on each project.Being able to presale parts of the project helps jumpstart the absorption and build out of the development.Professionalism throughout the process just adds to the already fantastic experience.

Brian Mertz

We consider it a privilege to work with a company that treats their clients the way they do.I'm very proud to say our company, Realty Wealth Advisors, now provides better quality properties, sold for less money, using improved streamlined systems, backed with accountability and integrity at higher levels than we ever have before. You are personally one of the driving factors for me to increase our volume. I consider it an honor and privilege to work with you.

Scott Adams

I knew there was a better way, I knew there had to be a better solution, it just took a minute to figure it out. …Being able to actually spend time with my family and my kids and be at different events, so many different ways I don’t think I could really begin to name. We were able to see a lot more focus on the business itself, instead of just running around town putting out fires… then you’re spending your weekend trying to play catchup.

Chris Toenes

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